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Administrative & Instructional Technology Services

The Administrative and Instructional Technology Services support instructional technology as well as administrative, student, and networking systems.
Administrative and Instructional Technology Services represent a collaborative effort between the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES and the Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC) which encompasses a seven BOCES region. Through this cooperative effort, BOCES aid is available on all approved services.
Administrative Computing
The following services are available as a cross-contract with the Albany BOCES NERIC:
  • Learning Plan
  • Oasys and iObservation (APPR – Evaluation System)
  • ClearTrack 200 and IEP Direct (Special Education Information System)
  • Bus Transportation Software
  • StarWeb, SchoolTool, and eSchool data (Student Info System)
  • Tax Billing Software
  • WinCap and Finance Manager (Financial Software)
  • NYS Assessments and Data Warehousing
  • Distance Learning connects students to classes at another high school or college.Students may take advantage of fully online courses for credit recovery, advancement, or enrichment.
  • Video conferencing support base fee includes support for video conferencing. This includes maintenance costs and support of individual needs.
  • Virtual field trips.
  • Data lines provide the transport of data to district.
The Managed Instructional Technology service base fee provides comprehensive support of instruction through the use of technology. Pricing includes regional and local technical support as well as the hosting of servers. The base fee allows for the addition of subservices. Districts must also purchase the 516 Model Schools COSER as required by COSER guidelines. Pricing quotes are provided per individual district needs. 
Equipment may be purchased using an installment plan. Primarily, districts purchase networked copiers through this service which require the district also contract for the 506.020.030 Copier Maintenance and 506.020.035 Excess Print Charges. 
The Model Schools program provides professional development for teachers and administrators in technology that supports instruction to improve student achievement. The program supports software, hardware, and eLearning initiatives. The Model Schools program provides assistance with all SED mandated technology and related plans.
The Cooperative Telephone Interconnect service is designed to provide participating school districts a cost-effective, efficient network of voice and data communications. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is also incorporated to connect districts across the fiber optic (DANC) data lines to take advantage of least cost routing. Each district remains autonomous with respect to main numbers, switchboard  operations, and extension numbers. BOCES aid at 50% of local phone costs, VoIP equipment and maintenance  


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