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Distance Learning
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Steve Fenton
Distance Learning Technician
Distance Learning Support
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Distance Learning provides education services to subscribing school districts by linking the faculty member and expanded resources with students at three or four sites simultaneously. A fully interactive distance learning network has the capacity to send and receive video, audio and data at the same time. The teacher and students in a classroom can interact visually and speak with the students in up to four additional receiving sites at the same time, plus send or receive data.
Low enrollment courses, important to students, can more readily be provided if additional students are added to the class at remote sites.
College level courses are available during the day and evening for high school students as well as adults, without having to commute to a college campus.
In addition to the enriched curricular offerings that are available to the students at each participating school, there are expanded opportunities for committee meetings/conferences, staff development and community offered courses utilizing the network, while sharing expertise among school districts. Video conferencing capabilities are included in the service.
Electronic virtual field trips are available to enhance and enrich curriculum. Opportunities are available for every grade level and all curricular areas. (BOCES Aidable)

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