Online Course Policies

  • Ed2go $100 Programs' Course Policy:  e-learning

    St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Adult Education will reimburse $62 of the $100 course fee for any student who drops an online course after enrollment, but before the completion of the course, and explains in writing his/her dissatisfaction with the course.

    Gatlin Certificate Programs' Course Policy: 

    The majority of GES programs can be completed within 90 to 180 days. Since our programs are self-paced, it has been the policy of Adult Education to work with students until they are able to complete their program. When students need more time, we are happy to accommodate their needs. if a student, for whatever reason, is not able to continue with their training, we will make arrangements for the student to take time off and complete their course when it is convenient for them. The only reason we would give a refund would be if we fail to perform. If it is our fault the student is not able to complete their program, we will give the student a full refund. If a student simply wants to withdraw and will not accept our policy to defer their training, they are not entitled to a refund. Students are given all materials and complete access to their entire course upon registration, so partial refunds are not an option. The basic GES policy on refunds is that once the course is accessed either by requesting materials or viewing lessons there are no refunds.