• Seasonal Collection

    This DVD collection is sent to schools in the fall and will be returned to the LRC in June.  They are for elementary level students.  A mediography describing each video accompanies the collection.  Contact your audio visual coordinator or librarian to locate this collection in your school districts.
    This collection includes DVDs that cover a variety of subjects such as fire safety and school bus safety, as well as Columbus day and nature in autumn.  There are also a number of titles about Halloween. 
    This collection includes DVDs on the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.
    This collection covers a variety of subjects such as dental health, winter, Groundhog Day and Valentine's Day.  Also covered is Martin Luther King and a DVD on President's Day. 
    The collection covers Arbor Day, Earth Day, Flag Day and bicycle safety.  Also found in this collection are titles covering spring and summer. 
    Student Loan Collection
    This DVD collection is sent to the districts in the fall and is returned to the LRC in June.  The collection includes 40-50 titles for three different grade levels (elementary, middle, and primary).  This allows students to borrow a DVD to bring home to watch.