• Maintenance Storage

    This storage app has been created to help log, sort, and store BOCES equipment, furniture, building materials, computers, technology, and fixed assets. Please use this app to request storage of your extra or unneeded equipment. You may also use the app to search for equipment that is available for use in your office or classroom.
    To Login
    1. Visit: http://storage.sllboces.org
    2. Your username is our SLL BOCES email address
    3. Your password is the same as what you use for our BOCES email
    To Begin
    1. Add Inventory: Click on the Add New Inventory Button (green).Add Inventory This button will allow you to add an item to storage. Once you click on this button, fill out the form with information pertaining to the stored item and the owner.  To upload a photo, click on the "Choose File" button, and then navigate to select the file. 
    2. After submitting a storage request, it will need to be approved by your supervisor. (Be sure to submit your supervisor’s email address in the appropriate field so that they can approve it.)
      Anything that is assigned to you will be listed on the initial login screen.
     To Search
    1. You can search by department, location, action, date or category.
    2. To search by date, click the checkbox for "Date Search?"
    3. You can only view search results, you may not manage (edit) them.