6 Things to Know About Our New Website

  1. We have developed this new website with our greater community in mind, including those with disabilities. As an organization, serving students with disabilities is one of the pillars of our mission, and we want all of our communications to reflect that. This website takes accessibility for all into consideration to improve the experience for all. We hope you find this website to be accessible and easy to navigate. 
  2. The new website has a more modern look and feel, and encompasses our new logo and branding. As a BOCES, we are constantly moving forward and looking ahead to future opportunities for those we serve. The new website design showcases our strengths as innovators and leaders in technology and communication.
  3. The new website is streamlined to provide ease of access and makes it easier to find the information our visitors need. By reducing the amount of content on the website to information that is accessed most often by our school districts, parents, and community, the website is easier to navigate.
  4. The BOCES exists to provide services to our component school districts. Our new website reflects our core mission by providing a more simple "services" section which includes the full services guide as well as pages for each service area.
  5. The BOCES has over 600 employees across many different locations, programs, and areas. The new website includes a comprehensive staff directory that allows visitors to put a face to a name and find the right person to answer questions. 
  6. If a website visitor still isn't sure who to contact with questions, the simple "Contact us" form allows them to get in touch without delay.
Check back often as we add news, announcements, and events. Should you have a question or comment about the new website, drop us a line in the "Contact Us" section.