Seaway Tech

Located just outside the Village of Norwood, the Seaway Career and Technical Education Center serves nine component school districts. The nearly 500 students who attend Seaway Tech, choose a course of study from one of 11 two-year CTE programs, the one-year New Visions: Medical Careers program, or the Alternative Education Program.  Many students who complete a program at Seaway Tech earn industry-recognized certification such as EPA Certification (HVAC/R), ProStart and ServeSafe Certification (Culinary Arts), and New York State DOT Bridge Certification (Metalworking).
The following programs are offered at Seaway Tech:
  • Alternative Education (GED)
  • Automotive Technologies
  • Building Trades
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education and Human Services
  • Health Careers
  • HVAC/R
  • Metalworking
  • Natural Resource Management
  • New Visions: Medical Careers
  • Software Development and Business Design

Guidance Department

We are student-centered professionals who provide social, emotional, academic, career and crisis counseling within Career and Technical Education and Alternative Education programming.


We assist students in developing effective problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution skills, goal setting, career planning, and general life skills. We also foster a school environment that promotes good citizenship, collaborate with home schools to address student needs, and provide assistance in facilitating services for students.


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Seaway Career & Technical Education Center

7225 State Highway 56
Norwood, NY  13668
(315) 353-2293
Fax: (315) 353-7334


Lori Sheffield 
Ext. 20104
[email protected]

Assistant Principal

Nicki O'Donnell
Ext. 20102
[email protected]


Cindy Thomas

Guidance Counselor / DASA Coordinator

Tara Bartlett
Ext. 20134
[email protected]

Guidance Counselor / DASA Coordinator

Julie Stoner
Ext. 20107
[email protected]

Guidance Secretary

Kim Toomey 
Ext. 20105