Instructional Technology (IT)

 The Managed Instructional Technology service base fee provides comprehensive support of instruction through the use of technology. Pricing includes regional and local technical support as well as the hosting of servers. The base fee allows for the addition of subservices. Districts must also purchase the 516 Model Schools COSER as required by COSER guidelines. Pricing quotes are provided per individual district needs. 

Installment Copier Purchases

Equipment may be purchased using an installment plan. Primarily, districts purchase networked copiers through this service which require the district also contract for the 506.020.030 Copier Maintenance and 506.020.035 Excess Print Charges. 

506 Co-Ser  Instructional Technology Services:

This service is a comprehensive support of instruction through the use of technology in the school district.  This support includes such things as hardware/software purchases and the maintaining of all parts of the network infrastructure (hubs, routers, switches, etc.),servers, desktop computers, network printer/copiers and software.  The BOCES Staff also provides instructional technology planning and project management.  The BOCES will generate hardware/software and training proposals, purchase hardware/software, and provide for installation of all equipment and software.  Technical support will be provided on a number of levels including central site, as well as, on-site instructional coordinator and/or computer technician, to address the district technology and technology needs.  Services may be purchased through St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES or Cross Contracted with Albany BOCES



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