Constructivist Design Conference 

The Constructivist Design Conference for Educational Improvement is hosted on the beautiful St. Lawrence University campus in Canton, New York annually each July. Join us for the 2015 Conference the week of July 20-24, 2015.

Professional development by immersion. The conference “practices what it preaches” entirely. Participants experience research-based constructivist strategies first-hand throughout the week and reflect on their impact continually.

No long lectures. This is a conference in which you will be motivated by the work environment, empowered by knowledgeable resources, and leave with a product that is completed or on its way to completion.

Focus on your own needs. This conference is different from other professional development experiences because you work toward a goal (task) that benefits you, your students, and your community. You come, either as a team or an individual, with a task that you want to work on during the week. You leave with a product and an implementation plan for its immediate use.

Past tasks have included:

  • Writing, mapping, or aligning curriculum and assessments to standards
  • Planning a new approach such as block scheduling or multi-age grouping
  • Developing a plan to address a particular problem in your school
  • Creating, modifying, or developing implementation plans for professional development or school improvement
  • Preparing for ELA, Math, Science, or Social Studies assessments
  • Designing outcomes analysis for school improvement or accreditation


New ideas from great teachers. Each morning you will attend a one hour workshop from a number of offerings – you choose what is relevant to your personal goals, interests, or team task. Participants with expertise in a subject area or who have information to share are welcome and encouraged to be presenters in this, our community of learners.

Extended work time. The rest of the day you will be at work with your team, in an environment surrounded by resources. An expert facilitator will be on hand for your individual team all week – ready to assist and prepared to stay out of your way. To truly experience our “constructivist environment of learners,” your team’s facilitator will help you develop a rubric by which to measure your progress, keep journals, set aside reflective time, and create portfolios and graphic organizers. These activities will serve as tools to help you understand and incorporate the value of constructivism, but will not place such a heavy demand on your workload that they take away from productive time.

Plentiful resources. Knowledgeable experts are on hand for personal consultation to help you accomplish your task. A Tech Support team is available for any needs that may arise, and printing stations are available around the facility.

Family-friendly atmosphere. We are proud to be a family-friendly conference. We offer childcare for children birth to age 8, and student groups are available for ages 9 – 18. For more information regarding children at our conference, please email us.