APPR Resources

The following are APPR resources that have been created by SLLBOCES staff. These resources cover technical program-based procedures (eDoctrina and STAR), along with administrative guidance topics.

APPR Resources, General

 APPR Resources, STAR How-To Documents

STAR: How to Access Student Usernames, Administer Tests, and Access Results
STAR: How to Create Student Groups
Creating groups is useful for special area teachers, resource room teachers, and teachers that need to see a small group of students' results quickly and easily. 
STAR: How to Access Results for APPR
This document shows how to generate the Growth Report for Renaissance Learning STAR assessments. 

APPR Resources, eDoctrina How-Tos

APPR (SLO/LLO) How To Docs
How to Create a SLO/LLO
This handout details how to:
  • Access, copy, and update last year's SLO/LLOs for this school year
  • Create a brand new SLO/LLO
How to Enter Final Scores into a SLO/LLO
This handout details how to add final scores to an SLO/LLO at the end of a semester or school year. 
How to Create a SLO/LLO Based on Achievement
Based on the 2013-2014 SLO/LLO editor
How to Add a HEDI Table to Your District (Admin Only)
This handout details how a district administrator account can create a district HEDI table for use with SLO/LLOs.
How to Finalize a SLO/LLO (Admin Only)
This handout details how district and school administrators can:
  • Finalize SLO/LLOs
  • Access staff APPR reports - this will summarize all SLO/LLO and observation scores (if available) for a staff member.