• SLLBOCES Technology Services
    IT Technical Support 
    Troubleshoot and repair problems with:
    • Phones 
    • Internet 
    • SMART Boards and projectors
    • Printers 
    • Document cameras
    • Google applications, including setting up user accounts
    • Office 365 installation, including setting up user accounts
    • All other software loaded on your workstation or mobile device. 
    • Sets up sllboces.org email accounts

    How to Report an Issue

    • Email helpdesk@sllboces.org for any non-urgent IT related technology errors or problems.
    • The Help Desk may be able to assist you remotely or
    • An onsite tech will visit you
    • If you have a more immediate need, such as needing password assistance, please call the helpdesk, 315-3864504 x10101.
    • Unsure of who to contact- put the request in the Help Desk. It will get forwarded to the correct person.

    Specific Software Support

    Technology Training Requests
    IT support can help with most basic programs, error codes and upgrades, however training in the use of software and hardware is supported by the Model Schools department. Model Schools provides training for:
    • Integration of the technology in your lessons 
    • Schoology
    • All Google Applications including Google Classroom
    • Office 365
    • SMART Notebook
    • iPad
    • Other instructional software as needed
    Questions and/or training requests should be directed to Patti Fisher pfisher@sllboces.org 
    Electronic Equipment Repair

    This service offers repair of all types of equipment used in classroom instruction except computers and computer peripherals. It includes diagnosis of problems and recommendation for replacement when more cost effective than repair. Equipment travels between the District and BOCES via the van delivery service. All repairs are made in compliance with manufacturer standards. The Learning Resources Center is able to provide equipment 'loaners,' on a limited basis, to assist districts having key equipment in the repair shop.

    Contact your supervisor to make arrangements.

    Microcomputer Repair

    This service offers schools access to local repair of computers and computer related peripherals to include the diagnosis of problems and recommendation for repair or replacement if more cost effective. Equipment travels between the district and BOCES via the van delivery service. Technicians maintain status as authorized service providers, and repairs are made in compliance with manufacturer standards.

    Contact your supervisor to make arrangements.

    To report a Health and Safety Concern

    In the event you find an unsafe condition in your classroom or office space please generate a health and safety ticket at http://helpdesk.sllboces.org/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/36. For urgent issues please contact your immediate supervisor or 911 by phone as appropriate, but for follow up or non-life threatening issues you are encouraged to enter a health and safety ticket by visiting the helpdesk.sllboce.org web page and clicking the icon at the top of the page. 

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    The SLLBOCES has multiple self-service articles on:  how to change your password, run a virus scan, setup your voicemail, and many others.  You can find them here:Help Desk Knowledgebase