• St. Lawrence-Lewis Special Education Program

    msp Mission: All persons involved with our students will create quality educational experiences within a positive learning environment in which individuals achieve their fullest potential and contribute as members of their community.
    The Special Education Program provides services to disabled students from 3 through 21 years old.  Each student receives the program and related services requested by the local District's Committee on Special Education as specified in the student's Individualized Education Program.  Most classes are located in component district school buildings and provide opportunities for participation in the least restrictive environment.
  • April is National Autism Awareness Month 

    Nearly a quarter century ago, the Autism Society launched a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability; signs typically appear during early childhood and affect a person’s ability to communicate, and interact with others. ASD is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum condition” that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. There is no known single cause of autism, but increased awareness and early diagnosis/intervention and access to appropriate services/supports lead to significantly improved outcomes. Some of the behaviors associated with autism include delayed learning of language; difficulty making eye contact or holding a conversation; difficulty with executive functioning, which relates to reasoning and planning; narrow, intense interests; poor motor skills’ and sensory sensitivities. Again, a person on the spectrum might follow many of these behaviors or just a few, or many others besides. The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is applied based on analysis of all behaviors and their severity. 

    Special Education

    St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
    Special Education Programs
    P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
    Canton, NY 13617
    Fax: 315-379-7951

    Program Director

    Renee Langtry-Green
    Ext. 10132

    Administrative Assistant

    Shelly Sanderson

    Student Records

    Colleen Ruud
    Ext. 40284


    Principle Account Clerk

    Kathy Porter
    Ext. 10124

    Special Education Service Provider Opportunity

    Do you like the idea of a flexible schedule, working with children and their families in their home or other natural environments? Do you have a job but would like to pick up extra work? Are you retired but would like to work part time? Do you have a current licensure in any of the following areas: Speech Pathology, Physical or Occupational Therapy, Special Instruction, Teacher of the Visually Impaired or Teacher of the Hearing Impaired?

    The Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Programs in St. Lawrence County are looking for providers to service children (birth to five years of age) who have been identified as delayed in one or more areas of development.

    If you are interested in providing any amount of service please call the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department at 386-2325 for information about how you can help.