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    The AIE Program provides participating component school districts with high-quality, professional performances and art-integrated learning experiences for students in grades K-12.  BOCES Aidable

    Program Components Include

    402.010 Base Performances National/Local Touring Groups (Covered in the Basic Program Fee) - During a fiscal year, participating districts will receive grade level specific base performances.

    402.010 Visiting Artists (Covered in the Basic Program Fee) - Participating districts are eligible to receive arts services from area visiting artists as part of the base fee.  For additional information please contact Deborah Champagne, dchampagne@sllboces.org.
    402.020 Additional Contract Performances as Requested (Not Covered in the Basic Program Fee and Includes a 10% Administrative Fee) - In addition to the above Base Services, participating districts may invite contract performers into their district.  Contract performers honorarium, travel expenses, and administrative fee will be billed to your district through the AIE CoSer. 
    402.015 Districts Have the Ability to “Set-Aside” Funding for Projected Other Performances (Not Covered in the Basic Program Fee)
    All performances must have a clear connection to the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts.  This component also includes payment of NYSSMA fees, Ogdensburg Command Performances (OCP) ticket purchases, and Community Performance Series (CPS) ticket purchases. 
  • Contact

    St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
    Educational Services Center
    P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
    Canton, New York 13617

    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
    Darin Saiff
    (315) 386-4504 Ext. 15101
    Fax:  (315) 379-3741
    email  darin.saiff@sllboces.org
    Administrative Assistant
    Deborah N. Champagne
    (315) 386-4504 Ext. 15100
    Fax:  (315) 379-3741
    email  dchampagne@sllboces.org