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    The AIE Program provides participating component school districts with high-quality, professional performances and art-integrated learning experiences for students in grades K-12.  BOCES Aidable

    Program Components Include

    402.010 Base Performances National/Local Touring Groups (Covered in the Basic Program Fee) - During a fiscal year, participating districts will receive grade level specific base performances.
    2017-18 Base Performance Tours

    Grades K-4 - Jeff Boyer's Bubble Trouble
    Tour Dates: September 18-22, & 25, 2017 
    A bubble volcano. Bubble roller coaster. A kid in a bubble? Jeff Boyer takes bubbles to the max in this one-man bubble extravaganza. It’s the craziest, most creative bubble show around. Jeff juggles bubbles, sculpts and builds with bubbles, makes fog-filled bubbles and more. Mixing comedy, music and interactive bubble-magic, he engages and delights audiences of all ages.  Bubble Trouble WebSite

    Grades 5-8 - Brent Daniels' Music Technology
    Tour Dates: October 12-13 & 16-19, 2017
    Students will learn the important relationship between the technology they have in their classrooms or at home and the creation of the music and sounds they hear on their iPods and on TV, in movies and video games. Student volunteers will participate in the program to help Brent create unique on-the-spot sounds and by the end of the show, an original song that will raise the roof! You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the eager musician in each of them.  Music Technology WebSite

    Grades 9-12 - JLine Dance Crew's Make the Difference
    Tour Dates: November 13-17 & 20, 2017
    As a singer and dancer living in New York City, JLINE has used his natural talents to inspire and motivate thousands of young people to change their lives and begin to believe in themselves. Uniting people through dance and music has been the driving force of his career and has lead to the creation of a high energy, interactive live presentation that has taken him and his dancers all over the country.  Students will enjoy a 30-minute non-stop, interactive showcase of high energy dance choreography and a 15-minute lecture period afterwards which discusses spotting and stopping bullying, respecting yourself and others, taking responsibility for your actions and leading a positive life.  JLine Dance Crew WebSite
    402.010 Visiting Artists (Covered in the Basic Program Fee) - Participating districts are eligible to receive arts services from area visiting artists as part of the base fee.  For additional information please contact Deborah Champagne, dchampagne@sllboces.org.
    402.020 Additional Contract Performances as Requested (Not Covered in the Basic Program Fee and Includes a 10% Administrative Fee) - In addition to the above Base Services, participating districts may invite contract performers into their district.  Contract performers honorarium, travel expenses, and administrative fee will be billed to your district through the AIE CoSer. 
    402.015 Districts Have the Ability to “Set-Aside” Funding for Projected Other Performances (Not Covered in the Basic Program Fee)
    All performances must have a clear connection to the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts.  This component also includes payment of NYSSMA fees, Ogdensburg Command Performances (OCP) ticket purchases, and Community Performance Series (CPS) ticket purchases. 
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