Collections Housed in District


    Many collections listed below are housed in the school districts that have requested them.  Any exceptions are noted*. Contact your Audio-Visual (AV) Coordinator to find out if your school district has requested these collections and, if so, where they are located. 
    Driver Education Collection
    This collection is now only available for booking through SNAP (http://snap.sllboces.org) under resource #62455.
    On-Site Student Loan DVD Collections for the Primary, Elementary and Middle School Levels*
    These DVD collections, as requested, are housed in the school districts from September-June.
    Delight in the renditions of fictional books by some of your favorite authors!  Be captivated by the stories written by authors, Mo Willems, Leo Lionni, Beverly Cleary, Mike Thaler, E. B. White and Roald Dahl, to name just a few!  Along with music and songs, dream about being a spider, a fly, a dancing giraffe, and a clucking cow!  Go on an adventure with a boy and his beloved dogs, take a journey through space and time, or discover the challenge of living in the wilderness alone!  Appeal to the children's curiosity by introducing and confirming facts about bugs, dinosaurs, rocks, pyramids, buoyancy, penguins, black bears, the solar system, weather, global warming, aircraft, and electromagnetism.  Enter the worlds of Rosa Parks, Ben Franklin, and Ruby Bridges.  Fulfill some of the NYS Learning Standards with media.  You can definitely count on these collections to find a path to learning and enjoyment for all! 
    19th Century Turning Points in U.S. History
    America entered the 19th century as an agricultural nation of 16 states and 5.3 million people. This series explores three wars and leaves the century as an industrial power of 45 states and 76 million people. Narrated by Alphonse Keasley. There are eight DVDs included.
    20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History (1900-1999)
    The is an eight-part series (four discs) designed to provide a clear overview of the people and events that distinguished the 20th century at specific points in time that were significant pivotal points in history.  Rare archival footage and photographs, authentic recordings, and other primary source documents bring history to life, while stunning graphics and engaging narration lend context and clarity to the subject.  Developed for classroom use, it is organized around established standards and thoughtfully  divided into chapters, with each volume functioning as either a full-length program or as focused support for specific study areas.
    21st Century Turning Points in U.S. History (2000-2009)
    This DVD set examines the most significant events in America since the turn of the century. Our nation was under attack on her own soil, a natural disaster destroying one of her major cities, Americans facing the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and the nation's infrastructure deteriorating.  It is also a decade of hope.  The country elected its first African-American president, the internet connected people in ways unimaginable, and mapping the human genome gives the promise of a brighter, healthier future.
    Railroads in U.S. History (1830-2010)
    This series offers a fresh perspective on how railroads created  and shaped America's financial institutions, America's singular brand  of capitalism and its unique way of doing business. The growth of  American railroads from 1830 to 1930 is identical with the growth of  the nation into the premier industrial power in the world. It is a  colorful story that examines the roles and contributions of Johns  Hopkins, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould and E.H. Harriman. It is a  story that begins a new era in the 21st century with Warren Buffett  and his purchase of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.
    When the Water Tap Runs Dry
    The greatest impacts from climate change will not be warmer temperatures but water shortages.  Learn how America's water infrastructure is incapable of handling these changes. There exist solutions that will make us rethink everything from how we use water, to where we live, to who owns water.  In When the Water Tap Runs Dry, we will look at these issues and provide essential solutions based on a new vision of America's water infrastructure, and customized water rights agreements.  A 40 minute DVD and Teacher's guide is included.      
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