Thomas R. Burns
District Superintendent/Executive Officer

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
Educational Services Center
P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
Canton, NY 13617
[email protected]

Jennie Colburn 
Secretary to the District Superintendent
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 10150
Fax: (315) 386-2099
[email protected]

The District Superintendent: 
  • Serves as both the Chief Executive Officer of the BOCES and as District Superintendent, fulfilling responsibilities as regional representative of the New York State Commissioner of Education
  • Collaborates with the District Superintendents from the other 36 BOCES regions, the Commissioner of Education, the Board of Regents, and component school districts to be vigorous agents for reform, effectively advocating for educational excellence and equity on behalf of all learners in New York State
  • Provides leadership in the interpretation and implementation of New York State Education Law, the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, and the Commissioner of Education
  • Provides educational leadership in the implementation of the New York State Learning Standards, leading local school improvement, engaging the community to support improvement, and detecting, reporting, and resolving problems. Serves as liaison between the component districts and the State Education Department
  • Facilitates communication between the Department of Education and the 18 component superintendents from the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES District
  • Administers and supervises regional educational programs and support services at the request of component school districts
  • Consults with component school districts on a variety of educational issues, calling upon the resources of the State Education Department and its professional staff
  • Oversees the use of BOCES resources to support local reform efforts and to ensure the BOCES is a model of high quality and cost effectiveness

Darin Saiff
Assistant Superintendent for Instructionportrait

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
Educational Services Center
P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 15101
[email protected]

Katelyn Campbell 
Administrative Assistant
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 10433
Fax: (315) 379-3741
The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction represents the BOCES at the Staff/ Curriculum Development Network (SCDN) and distributes time sensitive material to all districts as it comes from the state and federal government. The assistant superintendent may provide consultant and/or facilitator services to area schools and boards of education.

The ASI oversees instructional programming including CTE, Special Education, and Instructional Resources and School Improvement.

Nicole Ashley
Director of Financial Affairsportrait


St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
Educational Services Center 
P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-4504 Ext.10172
Fax: (315) 386-3395
[email protected]  

  • Oversee the personnel financial records, preparation annual W-2s and 1099-MISC forms, monthly payroll of full-time and part-time employees, monthly deposit of federal withholding taxes, state withholding taxes, PERA reporting and PERA 401K reporting. Responsible for quarterly reporting of Federal 941, Unemployment and Workers Compensation reports.
  • Conduct general bookkeeping procedures. Prepare and update a general ledger, general journal and disbursement journal, as well as keep revenues and expenses by account.
  • Maintain books and budgets on all federal funds and BOCES programs. Report these figures monthly to program directors and Executive Director.
  • Oversee preparation of assessments to districts and invoices for all service contracts, High needs programs, and out of district tuition charges to member districts.
  • Work with Administrators in preparation of BOCES annual budget and revisions for BOCES Board approval. 
  • Transmit financial data to NYSED and prepare annual audit reports with the assistance of auditor.
  • Collaborate with BOCES program directors to set up programs and grants as projects are formulated to ensure financial data is available for end of year reporting.
  • Help coordinate BOCES purchasing procedures, monitors purchase ledger and encumbrance file.

Marshall Fiese, Esq.portrait

Director of Labor Relations

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES
Educational Services Center 
P.O. Box 231 - 40 W. Main Street
Canton, NY 13617
  • Negotiation, interpretation, and management of collective bargaining agreements
  • Representation in disciplinary matters
  • Representation at improper practice hearings, unit clarification matters, and at labor related mediation, arbitration, and fact finding
  • Assistance with questions of tenure, seniority, staff reduction and recall, discipline, dismissal and related matters
  • Electronic training for staff in areas of health, safety, and organizational culture
  • Labor posters for all federal and state mandated employee notifications
  • Unemployment insurance cost control