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St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES Board of Education Goals


St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES is committed to work successfully with component districts across the region:

  • To enhance and increase student opportunities to access advanced coursework essential for a successful preparation for college, career, and citizenship including alternative and technology-based platforms
  • To promote regional sharing and delivery models through inter-BOCES as well as intra-BOCES arrangements
  • To develop a better model, to continuously evaluate BOCES services for quality, efficiency, and potential improvement, including input from our component school district partners
  • To facilitate the successful implementation of the Next Generation Learning Standards, Curriculum, and Assessments, and raise performance outcomes for students across the region.

St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES will:

  • Provide financial and operational solutions to our component school districts and other educational partners.
  • Work with the Board of Education Facilities Committee and component school districts to complete upgrades at various sites and initiate the BOCES CTE capital project.  The project will address critical infrastructure needs and allow existing and new BOCES programs to operate for many years.
  • Work with our Regional Partners, including SUNY Potsdam, to build and refine regional pipelines that will produce teachers and future educational leaders for the region, including the new Ed Leadership Program at SUNY Potsdam and the Advanced Certificate in Special Education Program.
  • To provide school district and BOCES staff the baseline data that they need to connect district goals and professional development to the needs of their students.  Data will include student performance on state assessments, graduation data, and early warning data to identify individual students who are at risk of not graduating on time.
  • The BOCES will investigate models of Social/Emotional/Learning (SEL) for implementation across the region, which will increase both the cognitive capacity of all students and their physical and mental well-being.
  • To provide school districts and BOCES staff the information, resources, and training necessary to protect digital information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of staff/students, and to protect our technology platforms.

 BOE Approved:  October 9, 2019



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