Services Guide

As we transition back to more “normal” rules of engagement with our policymakers, politicians and budgets, and with declining state aid, revenues and enrollments, we are prepared to play an important role in reshaping our educational systems. In this new post-pandemic landscape, regional collaboration and goal setting will be necessary to ensure that we have an adequate and sustainable educational system for all of the students within our BOCES region.

Our programs and services for 2024-2025 reflect this new reality and provide a stepping off point for school districts to increase opportunities and development for their students. Through sharing, school districts may move in the direction of achieving a greater economy of scale and revenue growth. It will also be critically important to ensure equity for all our learners in every community.

It is our hope that you will support our efforts to provide quality programs and services. Our objective has always been, and will always be, to help increase student performance and enhance opportunities for all of the students in the 18 component districts that we serve. In addition to this printed version, this guide is available on our website. The online version can be accessed at throughout the year, as we add services to meet the needs of our component school districts.

We look forward to another year of serving our students and communities together.
Thomas R. Burns
District Superintendent/Executive Officer
315-386-4504, ext. 10150
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