Model Schools Program

The Model Schools Program (MSP) assists school districts in setting their individual goals toward instructional technology integration by facilitating customized technology and curriculum planning for school improvement.
The MSP offers professional development for districts to support these plans through research-based strategies for the 21st century learner.

In addition to offering a wide array of in-person professional development sessions on topics related to educational technology, the Model Schools Program has worked to build a number of online, asynchronous courses. These courses can be completed at your convenience and allows one the ability to tailor their professional learning needs to their personal needs. All listed mini-courses are free to any teachers at one of our region's schools.


You may view our online course catalog at:


Model Schools (516)

Basic Service - The Model Schools office provides training to the component districts’ staff to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to integrate technology into the teaching/ learning process. Staff will also gain the skills and knowledge to assess student performance as a result of integrating technology. The Model Schools office provides assistance with all SED mandated technology and related plans. The base service provides up to five days of on-site assistance from the Model Schools staff.

E-Rate Partners (516.040)

Completion of E-Rate services for both individual district and BOCES-wide services. The cost for filing for Priority 2 is included in the cost and will be refunded if not used.

Instructional Tech Curriculum Coaches (516.070)

Model Schools Instructional Technology/Curriculum Coaches provide just in time support to district staff in the area of technology. An ITCC provides 1 on 1 support, group PD, and team teaching with teachers using technology in the classroom. Instructional Technology/Curriculum Coaches may be purchased on an FTE basis.

Virtual Learning Coaches (516.080)

Model Schools Virtual Learning Coaches provide just in time support to district educators providing instruction in a remote environment. A Virtual Learning Coach provides 1 on 1 support, group PD, and team teaching with teachers for using technology in a remote or hybrid environment. Virtual Learning Coaches may be purchased on an FTE basis.

Contact Information

Director of Instructional Resources
Johnathan R. Hirschey
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 15106
Fax: (315) 386-2828
Administrative Assistant
Deborah N. Fisher
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 15100
Fax:  315) 386-2828
Supervisor of Instructional Technology
Rachel Atkins
(315) 386-4504 Ext. 15118
Fax: (315) 386-2828